Our values, our aspiration

We as TIMETOACT GROUP are drivers and doers. We passionately design pragmatic IT solutions for our customers and implement digital business models. Because the best time to act is now!

We Care.




Working together in partnership

As a team we are focused on the objective. We strive for freedom and responsibility.

We share our knowledge and network people, competences and technologies.

So we can deliver the optimum solutions for our customers.


We network our own skills with those of our partners and leading manufacturers to develop solutions that are a perfect fit for our customers. In doing so, we create a blueprint for a single-source future shared between our companies, made possible by the combination of expertise in IT, business management and up-to-date market know-how. We are team spirit in action:

Our teams combine people who are passionate about freedom to shape the structure of work, and about taking responsibility for the result. We work together as equals.

Our values, our aspiration:

We Drive.




Driven to perform

We love to be on the move. Consistency in action is what sets us apart.

We make decisions and stand by them, and are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

We create outcomes that allow our customers to be more agile, efficient and transparent and access new market opportunities. We do this by harnessing the power of our companies. With us, entrepreneurs remain entrepreneurs! We make sure that small to medium IT service providers retain all of their relevance in the market as part of our Group. Having multiple companies under one roof means plenty of opportunities for challenging projects in a variety of fields and sectors. Those with the will to develop professionally and personally have the scope to do so.

Our values, our aspiration:

We Deliver.




Pragmatically innovative

We roll up our sleeves to develop solutions. Always with a focus on what is urgent and what is essential.

This is how we create solutions that really work, and that offer our customers genuine added value.

We modernize and integrate applications for upper mid-market enterprises and major companies. We also implement digital business models designed for innovative customers. What’s more, we enable our companies to keep pace organizationally with the demands of the market. In the interests of enhanced future viability and growth for all concerned. Every team member in the Group makes a positive contribution to the development of our customer base, our business and their own career. Our name says it all.

Our values, our aspiration